We currently offer a full spectrum of services

not typically available within a single firm.

APG offers engineering solutions with full comprehension of planning, development, design, and construction processes that need to be present in most projects. In all the project-related services APG has performed over the past 37 years, our emphasis has always been on long-term solutions, cost-effective designs and quality control. We are committed to providing designs and services using best practices engineering and maintenance conscious ideas.Providing our clients with quality consulting engineering and construction services has been our commitment since the original corporation began in 1983.

Our Services

Architectural Design

Architecture is the foundation for building a func-tion environment that is pleasing to the eye and meets the clients needs. APG approaches each design with end use in mind while creating inno-vative and comprehensive solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need the assurance that solutions to mechanical engi-neering problems are complete and cost effective. APG has the expertise to address a variety of insti-tutional, commercial and industrial challenges.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering group provides designs for institutional, commercial and industrial projects. The Structural team works closely with the project architects, engineers and the client to pro-vide a cost-effective design with structural integrity.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering group addresses the continuing evolution of electronics and electrical technology. We evaluate new products and ideas to find the most cost-effective equipment and solutions available in the industry today.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management systems group provides engineering services that address life safety and security needs. The FMS Team designs fire alarm, security, paging and emergency evacu-ation sound systems.

Computer Aided Drafting

Our CAD Group of experienced specialists is ready to provide CAD drafting, documentation and technical support services with the utmost efficiency and competency possible. We consis-tently meet deadlines and drafting standards.

Process Instumentation

Our PI&CS Group has extensive, practical experience and expertise with a variety of instru-mentation and control systems. This experience allows us to quickly assess needs and address engineering issues, regardless of the complexity of the systems.

Construction Field Services

Following the project design, one of the most significant factors for a successful project is the construction and proper installation of the speci-fied systems and equipment. The coordination between the client/owner, project design team.

Contract Audit Services

An important concern facing the constructionindustry today is rising engineering and construc-tion costs. Our mission is to perform contract au-diting services and assist companies in controlling these capital costs.

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